Tips for First-Time Dog Owners.

Little Dog Proof Your Home:

Before you bring your new pet into your home, ensure that your home is sheltered. likes Puppies     investigation and exploration everything in their way. Keep your little dog bound to a protected zone in your home, and don’t leave him solo. Give a lot of bite toys to your new companion, and prize him when he bites the toys rather than your preferred pair of shoes.

Keep him away, raised terraces and floors. Keep all cleaning supplies, cleansers, dye, and different synthetic compounds and prescriptions out of reach of a puppy . Evacuate toxic houseplants, for example, amaryllis,

mistletoe, holly, or poinsettia, or keep them in balancing bins up high, where your little dog can’t access them.

Similarly as significant: Keep Hoods shut, unplug electrical ropes and Take it out from the floor, and keep plastic packs and strips out of  away your dog’s .