These are large dog breeds

1. Rottweiler .

Rottweiler Looks can be deceptive and that is never truer than when it comes to the Rottweiler. A powerful dog by nature, this medium to large pup is deeply loyal, very affectionate and reserved around new people. The handsome, black and tan German Rottweiler is happiest when given a job to do. once having the important job of herding cattle in the Roman era, today Rottweiler’s play an important role with law enforcement, as therapy dogs and as service dogs.”know-how on Germany’s big breed canine and guess which town the Rottweiler is named after. will your answer be? das Rote Avil das Rote Wil das Rote Hund? What to know before you begin your search for a German Rottweiler.

Size: Shoulder height for large dog breed: 22” – 27” Weight: 84lbs – 130lbs Coat: Short coat, minimal grooming.

Fitness level: Daily exercise with 10 – 20-minute walks.

Personality: Medium energy, loves people but needs obedience and socialization training. Side profile of brown and white spotted large breed German shorthaired Pointer dog standing in water’s edge looking out over lake.