The Calmest Dog Breed In The World

deal with pesky things like small children, which is why these types of dogs often work in guardian, herder, or therapy dog roles. Still, their dogs and not monks, so there’s a certain amount of diagonals to be expected. In fact, some would doubtlessly argue it’s kind of the point.

“I was gonna pick you anyway. Don’t tell anybody. Don’t tell the others.” So what dogs are in the running for the title of calmest dog breed in the world?

For small dogs, the Basset Hound is worth mentioning, though it’s only “small” in terms of its height. The saggy low-rider of the canine world appears to be a certain fire choice for the “calmest pooch” grant, because, well, just look at it. Indeed, the breed makes the American Kennel Club’s list, but unfortunately, the organization notes that the Basset Hound boasts an independent and difficult-to-train streak, which sounds like it might counteract any calmness the pup might have. Another “small dog” contender is the tiny Pekingese. The breed is quite calm, but also apparently requires that you earn, its respect, which seems like the exact opposite of chill.

 An assortment of spaniels, including the Cavalier King Charles, the Tibetan .