The Calmest Dog Breed In The World

If was your dog all the a quiet week, your best move might be to check its pulse. That being said, there are certain dog breeds that are significantly less hyper than others.

But what exactly constitutes a calm dog? Is it the kind of lethargic, always dozing off attitude some older dogs boast?

Or perhaps it’s a Labrador Retriever, who is friendliness personified… right up until he spots food, at which point all bets are off?

Don’t worry, we have the answer, as The American Kennel Club has actually compiled a handy list of dog breeds that are remarkably calm. You see, while no dog is calm all of the time, it seems that there are some pups that could be considered “more chill” than others. And it’s also worth mentioning that a calm dog is not necessarily the same as a calm human being. Even the most refined and reserved dog in the world may start climbing the walls if you have a hot dog near to its face.As the American Kennel Club puts it, calm dogs are usually known for the predictable ways they react to various sounds, smells, and things. They’re unlikely to stress, growl, or freak out, and are generally able to maintain a degree of composure that allows them to

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