Teach your dog a word “salut’.

Do this activity various occasions until they partner the conduct with getting a treat. Presently the time has come to add the signal or order word. The second your dog gets his paw to get the tape off, say “salute.” Then recognition and compensation with food or a pet.

Do this activity again and again until your dog is reacting to “salute” right away.

Presently the time has come to remove the tape. Attempt to do this in a similar instructional meeting. Remove the tape and say “salute.” Give your dog a couple of moments to react. He is contemplating what you need and how to get that reward.

At the point when he at last puts his paw over his eye, applause and reward with a “great salute” and a treat. Keep it fun and positive. Stunts are an incredible thing to show your dog and keep the learning fun.