Military Dog Adoption

 Meet the MWD Adoption Suitability Checklist:

Past Experience: That is to state, do you have related knowledge with dogs?

Fenced Yard: specifically, is there a made sure about fenced yard in your home? If not, how might the dog got exercise and go to the latrine?

Individual verification: Provide two types of recognizable proof and two references.

Depict Tenants: In detail, give everybody’s age and portray some other pets.

Do You Rent Or Own:If leasing, given these focuses, give sensible confirmation of your landowner’s agree to have a dog.

Clarify the Dog’s Details: With regard for the dog, where will he rest at your home? How often will he be home alone? Hence, where will he stay when you’re no more?

Give Vet’s Details: That is to say provide the contact information for your Veterinarian.