Military Dog Adoption

Retired Service Dog Adoption Process.

Military dog reception is conceivable, despite the fact that it is important to rehearse persistence and  adhere to the principles.

1.) Review the adoption forms and answer the entirety of the inquiries properly.

2.) Meet Expectations: In brief, most MWD dogs aren’t for youngsters under five years of age. Due to each facility’s requirements, to be noted, you should fulfill their guidelines. In explicit, TSA requires a fenced yard, no goal to move inside a half year, adherence to statutes, clinical, and preparing.

3.) Visit a Facility: Given these focuses, plan to visit an office in the desire to collaborate with a MWD.

4.) Rehome a MWD: Interested in embracing a military working dog and specifically, getting familiar with military dog selection? Call the Lackland Air Force site.

5.) Pick up your MWD: For a certain something, bring a container and a rope for your MWD’s protected travel.

Things a pet parent may require for their MWD over the long haul:

MWD adoption application


Dog crate