know on best 10 strains Scenthound dogs

a dog’s nose is a pretty magical thing featuring about 300 million olfactory receptors compared to our paltry six million with us ,it’s a smell that scientists have determined to be anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than us humans and 40 times more brain space devoted to analyzing the odors they encounter it’s safe to say that all dogs are impressive when it comes to the power of their snouts ,but some are even more impressive than others scent hounds are a class of dog that primarily uses scent and not sought to navigate the world around them so who are the best when it comes


pointers aren’t short and stock like many of their scent counterparts, but don’t let that fool you, this breed is one of the best hunting companions around with a special talent for air-based prey they feature a deep muzzle wide nostrils and ultra powerful sniffers that are quick to pick up the trail.

Number nine COON.

out there are quite a few varieties of Coon hounds including blue tick American black and tan redbone and they all have highly prized noses and sit work capabilities where the various coon hound breeds differisn’t what their noses are best for with some best suited to hot work fresh trails and others more depth to cold work old trails.


out with a name like the American Fox hound it shouldn’t be a surprise that these dogs excel when it comes to their scent abilities this breed absolutely loves to put their nose to work and are one of the few scent hounds that heads out on their own to track while their humans stay in place when they catch a scent they let out a bark specifically referred to as a brain that alerts their companions to the trail .


is there any sense in English Springer Spaniel can’t pick up this scent hound is a pro at picking up both hot and cold sets as well as picking up since in both wet and dry conditions since in the wind you bet they’re on the trail there too this ability to imply their impressive snouts to a wide range of conditions have made the English Springer Spaniel a preferred breed for things like explosives tracking narcotics tracking and even finding human remains .

Number six HARRIER.

you might not know much about the Harrier which is an English sitcom breed that hasn’t made much of an appearance in popular canine culture the AKC ranks them lowly 189 out of 195 breeds, but  while they might fly under the radar Harriers are no stranger to the hunt with short legs and strong noses that can carefully follow any animal they set their snouts on .


they may look more like a Shih Tzu than a hound,but petite basset griffon VINDean’s are widely celebrated for their scent tracking skills for centuries this breed has been putting their superior nose work abilities to help track rabbits and other small prey with a remarkable ability to keep on track regardless of the terrain and outside conditions.

Number four BASSET HOUND.

another short, breed with incredible SiC capabilities the basset hound has been bred for years to help on the hunting field and has a natural ability to pick up on and track even the most subtle of smells, it’s no surprise that they’re also quite squat in stature a useful characteristic when your job is to keep your nose on the ground.

Number three BLOODHOUND.

weed remain remiss to leave the bloodhound off this list      bloodhounds are the poster child of the scent hound breed and one of the original tracking breed, they’ve been bred to put their noses to work on the hunt since as early as 1000 AD and have a one-track mind that is loath to give up on a scent once they found it .

Number two DACHSHUND.

that wiener dog stature isn’t just for show despite their small size dachshunds are prized hunters who use their nose to track subtle scents both on the ground and in the air and in fact they’re the only breed of scent hound certified to hunt both below and above ground pretty impressive for such tiny pups .

Number one  BEAGLE.

beagles have one of the best noses in the entire canine kingdom plus a keen intelligence that comes in handy when you’re trying to pick up a particular scent their small size plus their athleticism and natural affinity for agility makes beagles a formidable scent hound with plenty of energy to keep on the trail for hours on end.