Here’s how to cut a dog’s nails in 7 easy steps.

Regardless of whether you trim them yourself or have a custodian trim them for you, how to cut dog nails the correct way is significant. With the right devices, similar to dog nail trimmers, his number one treats and nail managing methods, you can dominate the expertise to give your puppy a pedicure!

1: Start by lifting your dog’s feet to perceive how agreeable he is with taking care of his paws.

2: Place the trimmer at the very edge of the nail on the off chance that you don’t see a fast.

3: Get down on the floor to try not to turn your dog’s foot excessively.

4: Hold the trimmer at a 45-degree point.

5: Clip just the tip of the nail at a time. Stop. Audit prior to proceeding.

6: Pick your dog’s paw up and take a gander at the under of the nail to see the brisk

7: Hold his paw and nail up to the light and investigate the focal point of the nail. Check for the snappy, which resembles a dull inward hover at the focal point of the nail.